Multidisciplinary Training Trust Officer (MOTO)

Trust Officers carry a great responsibility. Full client handling requires legal, tax and accountancy expertise. Moreover, increasingly a very firm grasp of risk & compliance, ethics & behavior & culture is expected of each trust professional and each trust organization.

That is why a training program that covers all disciplines is essential. A program that offers you the opportunity to deepen your own expertise and develop your understanding of the other disciplines at a solid level.

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Multidisciplinary Training Trust Officer (MOTO)

The MOTO is a very thorough program taught by experienced professors and lecturers, all endowed with a very relevant professional background. The examination committee consists of a number of professors from different universities in the Netherlands, and guarantees the high-quality standards and delivery of the program.

During the 1-year program, participants work together in familiarizing themselves with the various topics and increasing their understanding in relation to daily trust practice.

The program deals with current events and developments affecting the trust sector. The guidelines published by Holland Quaestor over the past few years have been integrated into the material offered.

Six main themes, grouped into 20 modules, cover the requirements which need to be met by a proxyholder. It demonstrates the interaction between the different disciplines coming together in the trust officer’s responsibilities. 

70% of the modules are taught online, 30% take place in f2f meetings. Please take an average of 3 hrs. preparation time into consideration per study session.

An exam day (on a Saturday in Amsterdam) will conclude the program. Exam day consists of an answering open + multiple choice questions part and an oral exam part. This is followed by a graduation ceremony during which the certificates are handed out to those participants who have passed the exam. 

To be allowed to partake in the exam, participants are permitted to have missed one session with the maximum set at two sessions. In case of two sessions missed, a certain amount of catching-up will need to be done before the exam day. What and how much depends on the content of the sessions missed and will be decided by the associated professor in charge.

Target group
Participants have a prior completed education at minimally college (HBO) level, have worked in the trust sector for at least three years, and are or will soon be proxyholder.
For more details re HQ education requirements, please refer to: Education Policy and PE Regulations (2024).

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