Policy agenda

The commitment and priorities of the Holland Quaestor board for the year 2024.

In 2024, the prioritization of enhancing the trust sector's reputation and efforts to streamline office operations remain unequivocally high on the agenda. Equally, education and the HQ guidelines retain significance. These priorities build upon the policy agenda set in 2023.

Our observation indicates a widening scope for genuine advocacy efforts. This expansion is partly attributed to HQ's dedication and publications, coupled with extensive consultations with stakeholders, resulting in a diminished presence of the trust sector amidst public scrutiny.

Effective advocacy necessitates internal cohesion. It requires collective efforts with our members. This entails a substantial focus on enhancing the engagement of all offices, achieved through regular consultations with individual members while concurrently augmenting the involvement and contributions of all members.

Key objectives for 2024 encompass a commitment to robust education, updating our HQ guidelines, and harnessing output from the compliance platform, such as guidance provision. Additionally, sustained public commentary and collaborative discourse on combating money laundering and legislative amendments in the Wwft and Wtt are prioritized.


The output derived from HQ endeavors will serve to showcase our identity, activities, and our accountability sector-wide as well as member offices individually. Subsequently, this will facilitate lobbying efforts directed towards well-known stakeholders such as DNB, the Ministry of Finance, and political entities. The expansion of our membership base will further aid in this attempt and requires the collective attention of all stakeholders.

The substantive focus of lobbying activities in 2024 revolves around:

  • Effecting enhancements to the Wtt 2018 to optimize supervisory efficiency and maintain the law's viability for trust offices. This includes initiatives like refining the practicality of current introduced prohibition of trust services to clients in certain jurisdictions (article 23a Wtt 2018) and exempting the wealth-origin assessment in cases of pseudo-UBOs.
  • Combating illicit trust activities (including public disclosure thereof).
  • Mitigating the supervisory costs imposed by DNB.

  • Formulating an agreement with the Dutch Banking Association (to streamline access to Dutch bank accounts).

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